Guess what…I have an apartment here now! I have a brand-new lease through the end of August 2016, a tie of permanence here beyond just Manna and church and my community. The keys are in my hands and now I can start dreaming about the next year and a half of my life making my morning coffee in the kitchen and having friends over and all of the good time I’ll have there.

A year ago I never could have dreamed I would be at this place in my life, signing a lease for an apartment in Ecuador, settling into a slice of permanence for a while in this country thats so far away from what I knew but now what I know so well. But I’m so so happy about it, and I can’t wait to settle in and make my apartment my own…and continue to enjoy this country for another year.

I took a video of the place, which I immediately sent to my mom, of course, but heres a picture of the main room to ease your curiosity.  

Oh, and the stellar view from the roof, of course, featuring a view of the mountains and the Sangolqui Church. Don’t worry, I’m already planning on buying deck chairs to bring up to the roof with me. 


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