~ ~ Canoa ~ ~

Last weekend I took my first trip to Ecuador’s coast, visiting Canoa for three days. Even though in the past six and a half months that I’ve lived in Ecuador I’ve travelled all over, there is still so much left to see, and travelling to Canoa reminded me of that. The coast is SO different from the mountains that I am used to living outside of Quito—the weather is warmer, the people are more relaxed and more open, the accents are different…. its an entirely different side of Ecuador that I’ve never seen before.


I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the perfect weekend: we wanted to do nothing and Canoa is perfect for that. It’s a tiny little blip of a beach & surf town with only a few paved roads and one or two traffic lights. For three days we laid on the sand and swam in the ocean. We ate shwarma on the beach while the sun was setting and took evening strolls around the town. We ate the most delicious seafood I’ve ever tasted from shacks on the beach, supplied by the same fishing boats that we stole shade from on the beach when the sun was high.

Canoa is so beautiful and my experience there was so perfect; I already can’t wait to go back.





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