Happy Thanksgiving!

Thousands of miles away from the Thanksgiving traditions, but still just as thankful.

This year I am thankful for…

… a family that deals with my wanderlust and is proud of me for following my dreams, wherever they take me. Every day I wish that coming to Ecuador didn’t mean leaving them behind; who I would be and what I would do without them I can’t even begin to imagine.

… a very special man that somehow finds joy in doing even the most menial things with me. A very patient and loving man that enjoys riding on the back of shopping carts with me in the grocery store and teaching me how to pray with proper grammar in Spanish. Its been an unmatched joy spending hours sitting and talking in all the beautiful places of Quito and the Valle de los Chillos with such a special human being.

… my Manna Family. One of the great blessings of the past four and a half months has been getting to know six of the most amazing and passionate people I have ever met. I am beyond thankful for the time we’ve had and the time that still remains.

… chilfes at Rey Pan, grapefruit Guitig, llama sweaters, and peaceful bus rides through the valley. I am falling more in love with Ecuador every day, and every day I am more thankful that I followed the nudge of God to come to this amazing, enchanting country.

… and most of all, our God that loves and forgives and showers us with grace beyond our understanding. We fall down so often, but every time we crawl back to him he welcomes us back with open arms. There is no greater honor and no greater blessing than in knowing him and making him known.

Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings upon blessings to all my friends and family near and far 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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