bus epiphanies

Deep thinking on the bus. Here is my latest bus ride epiphany:

I am so incredibly blessed to be living in this wonderful place, with a job that I am loving, and with a group of individuals [my amazing co-workers / friends / family] that I dearly love and am enjoying getting to know better every day. I had high hopes for this year and it has started off even better than I expected. Yes, there have been bumps in the road; there have been many, many times that I have been deeply humbled by how much I still have to learn about this job, culture, and nation. But regardless, my past two months in Ecuador have already changed me for the better.

Sitting on the bus a few days ago coming back from Quito I was listening to the song Home is Not Places by Apache Relay, a song that has resonated deeply with me in the past few years as I have been constantly picking up my life and starting over again. As the title suggests, the song speaks about the burning desire to constantly travel and constantly move, yet how this makes a typical location-based definitely of home something unattainable. Instead of home being something concrete, home is love, the songwriter asserts. I have never felt that to be so true as I did in that solitary moment on a rickety bus rambling down the mountainside of Ecuador, music pulsing through my headphones and the most glorious view of the Andes outside the window.

I love my friends here, I love my [growing!] community here. I love this nation and this culture and this opportunity to build a life here. And most of all, I love that I can love my God here; God, the eternal and unchanging Love that makes me at home during any and every adventure He has for me.

I am so thankful for all of this; to even try to find words for it seems already to be doing it a disservice. I am at home in Ecuador, and I am at home in Love.



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