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Mindo is Lindo

After three long weeks of summer camp, we are finally done! Although camp was certainly a rewarding experience and we all learned so much, it was definitely a stressful few weeks…. so to blow off some steam we headed to Mindo, just a two-hour bus ride outside of Quito. Mindo is a tiny little town on the edge of the cloud forest that offers tons of fun activities and attracts a lot of visitors from Ecuador and abroad. Picture a jungle paradise, with lush, tree-covered mountains, exotic birds, and gurgling streams.

We stayed in an absolute paradise of a hostel called La Casa de Cecilia, which felt like a tree house nestled in the jungle. It was right next to a small river that was dammed into a swimming hole, and was surround by orange trees and palm trees. For as much as Mindo offers in terms of activities, I was just as content hanging out at the hostel and swimming in the river and reading my book in the hammocks. We slept under mosquitos nets and listened to the sounds of the cloud forest as we fell asleep.


river swims and hammock reads

river swims and hammock reads

(p.s.: Sydney and Catherine are asleep under there)

(p.s.: Sydney and Catherine are asleep under there)

For as much as love our home in the Valle de los Chillos, and going into Quito often to explore, it was so wonderful to get away from the city and from the normal pace of life we’ve been living for the past few weeks. I can’t wait to take further advantage of Ecuador’s absurdly cheap bus system and hostels and explore more of what this country has to offer!


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